Passionate about Perfume: MiN New York

New York Moment # 23,456: Stumbling upon a niche scent boutique in SoHo-- literally, right under my nose.

After a delightful and spontaneous day re-discovering SoHo with SRG, I took to my own 2 feet to head back home on Crosby Street. Although there were some fun discoveries made on the street (another post on another blog, perhaps), none thrilled me so thoroughly as finding MiN New York.

Woody and dark on the east side of the street, this seven year old shop is a pitch-perfect curated collection of niche fragrances and hard-to-find products. Everything from my favorite deodorant (Vichy 72 hour roll on-- from Europe, not the one they sell in America) to my favorite toothpaste (just for the packaging and the shelf effect) MARVIS is available here. (Marvis Jasmin Mint leaves my mouth feeling divine.)

Some of my fave scents are from Keiko Mecheri-- from whom I was able to test out vials of Mogador- a scent that was intense, pure and light at the same time, filling me with happiness at the scent of a jasmine flower I've only smelled in India and Turkish and Bulgarian roses. I also had the privilege of trying UME-- Japanese plum which was unique and somehow altogether familiar.

 A surprisingly favorite find was the line Etat Libre d'Orange- modeling their scents after artistic interpretations of smells like bubblegum, and trying to capture what our olfactory senses will experience at Le Fin du Monde (The End of the World). My favorit-est? It ended up being Jasmin et Cigarettes, which is just what it sounds like: a smokey whiff of jasmine and clean smoke- glam. 

MiN is generous with their vials, helping you seek the best scent for your sensibilities. I absolutely loved the chance to really revel in the potential perfume candidates, and I get so excited each time I get to introduce someone new to this treasure. Not to mention the curators in the atelier are ultra-helpful and knowledgable about each line.

Go! For a fun chance to discover your unique scent.

PS they also have events and cocktail hours, so get on their good side, and get in the know.



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