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S and I love to meet South Asian women entrepreneurs, especially those who have a passion for skincare and cosmetics.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sneha Dixit, a makeup artist, a skin care educator, and the creator of VA Cosmetics. Sneha's beauty experiences literally go back to her early childhood, when her mother would gather up she and her sisters for at home, natural, Ayurvedic based beauty treatments.  These at home treatments ranged from grated cucumber scrubs, warm almond oil hair massages, yogurt & honey masks, and yogurt hair washes.  She has continued this precious tradition with her two beautiful children Ram and Maya. 

Some people know their passion, but are too scared to pursue it.  Not Sneha... 

Sneha's background includes a bachelors of Science in Biology and Chemistry, with a minor in Psychology. Later, she chose to pursue her passion for beauty by attending Aesthetician School, where she obtained her license as an Aesthetician and Makeup Artist.  Today she is the CEO of VA Cosmetics, a line which includes a selection of makeup and skincare products.  

If you read TheGlossBox, you know how important a proper skincare regimin is to me.  I had the opportunity to try out a couple of Sneha's skincare products including the Revitalizing Zinc & Sulfur Mask and the Resurfacing Micro Dermabrasion Cream.

The revitalizing zinc & sulfur mask is the perfect mask to add to your Sunday Facial routine.  Zinc is known to assist with skincare healing and sulfur helps to reduce oil and get rid of dead skin cells.  When I tried it, I literally felt the sulfur sucking out the impurities from my skin. It left my skin looking fresh and glowy, the perfect canvas to start my week.  Also, the mask is safe enough to use on children.  Check out the after mask glow on the sweet faces of Sneha's cutie pie kids above. : )

I also tested out the Resurfacing Micro Dermabrasion Cream. It is an at home micro dermabrasion cream that includes pharmaceutical grade crystals.  No need to rush to an Aesthetician when you have a  cream like this at home.  I've been using the cream twice a week, for the last two weeks, and my face feels softer and looks smoother.  The crystals are quite concentrated, so Sneha recommends mixing a pea sized amount with your face wash.  This will help you apply the cream more fluidly to your face.  I like many South Asian women, suffer from dark spots from occasional breakouts, and this cream is starting to reduce the marks a bit.  Really, every South Asian women over the age of 30 should have this product handy.  I'm adding it to my Sunday routine.  

Sneha's philosophy is simple:  Makeup enhances a woman's internal desire to be beautiful and self-confident.  "It's beautiful to see a woman smile and celebrate her loveliness." Both Sneha and I understand the importance of making that extra effort to look your best no matter where you are or where you are going.  A good makeup and skincare routine can make all the difference for your confidence. Learn more about Sneha's line at  

Ladies, make this weekend a special one.  Include some time for beauty treatments with friends and family.  : )



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  2. Combining beauty and health while keeping quality in mind is what VA is all it.

  3. The Micro Dermabrasion cream is incredible! Every time I use it I am amazed at how great my skin feels and looks! Va cosmetics has given me a way to look like a million bucks without having to break the bank! There is a variety of colors to choose from so no matter what your skin type--you will always have a product that is perfect for you! Va cosmetics is definitly my makeup and skincare of choice!

  4. I switched to VA skincare a few months ago, best decision I ever made. I also use the eye shadows and check out the AMAZING eyebrow brush!! I just love that VA represents something beyond your average beauty products, putting your best-self forward (on all levels). I recommend VA to anyone who believes that. Thanks, Gauri, for another awesome review!

  5. I love the lip glosses and bronzer....they r an absolute essential for my everyday morning routine. The lip gloss is light, doesn't stick to my hair, moisturizes my lips and the colors hold so well....I absolutely love them!!!!

  6. What I love most about VA is that the make-up is SO versatile! With VA, I can go simple, subtle and sweet everyday, and then establish a completely gorgeous and extravagant look for bigger events like homecoming and prom! I am in high school and I love this make up! My mother and my older sisters love it as well. It is perfect for anyone of any age, all day everyday! I recommend VA to anyone- any age- who wants beautiful and healthy skin :)

  7. Love the site and the products!! Make for great gifts for the loved ones in your life or for personal beutification :)


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