Oribe Apres Beach Spray

It's THE perfect mussy bed-head spray.

I used to be obsessed with the hair on Melrose Place. Not the one with Ashlee Simpson, the other better one with Andrew Shue and Grant Show. The ladies on the show had the messiest manes, perfectly coiffed to look perfectly post-coital. I was 12 and didn't understand the implications, but I wanted BED HEAD.

Finally, a spray that gets me there. Unlike the Bumble and Bumble Beach spray (which is essentially salt water, and will dry out your hair and make your ends extra crispy), Oribe's Apres Beach Spray ($35 for a full size bottle, $19 for the travel size) is a resin and oil formula which gives your hair a piece-y, sexy imperfection for hair that looks lived-in and not salon blowout perfect.

I have wavy hair, which will get frizzy if left to air dry. When I spray this on my damp hair, my frizz 'sits' while I still get lots of wave and body in my locks. When I spray this on after a quick blowout (you know, the blowouts where you sort of don't perfectly section out your hair), I get that on-purpose slight mussiness that I absolutely love.

Major pro: I happen to love the smell, which is a sharp oriental fragrance. I always get tons of compliments.

Pro: The oils in here help to settle my textured hair and make it look glossy and wavy, instead of dull.

Con: The oil can make fine or already straight hair feel 'dirty' faster.

Fine hair, straight glossy hair : Beware.

I've tried this product on my friend A., who has naturally straight and glossy hair. She wanted some 'edge' to her hair. Although it gave her the look she was after, she had to wash her hair out the next day because she felt weighed down by the oils.

I also used this on my friend H. who has fine, short hair (the kind that will look like a fluffy mushroom if blown out wrong). She loved how 'cool' her hair looked, but she also felt that on the 2nd day, she had to wash her hair-- when normally she could alternate hair washings.

Totally the spray for the girls with the loose curls that want a low hassle way to get their hair to look properly wavy.

Totally a spray for the straight haired ladies who want some texture and a touch of that 'lived in' look to their hair.

And can I just swoon over the name for a minute? And done.

PS: I'm a big fan of Oribe products, check out my still-standing reviews of his other products here.




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