Lip Tricks: Eye Balm as Lip Balm

Quick winter trick for chapped lips+ product double time: In a pinch, dab some eye balm or cream on your lips overnight. They will thank you in the morning when they are plumped and less parched.

I used Creme de la Mer The Eye Balm Intense on flaky, dry lips. Et voila! In the morning they were noticeably better.

My lips went from cracked and peeling to a lot smoother. The next day, I used Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion in Jar ( just the teensiest bit) on my lips. I pursed my lips tight and scrubbed the devil off my lips-- applied The Eye Balm Intense and today, I am so happy I am posting about it. (Be careful not to open your mouth, I got grainy bits on my molars and all I can say is ew + my dentist already hates me).

I refuse to put up pictures of my lips 'before' because they are too gross-- like a person lost in the woods or suffering in the desert for days. You've seen it on tv.

BTW, I want to share how this happened: In addition to the super cold weather and dry air, I have been using powerful all-day lip colors which severely dry out my lips. These will be kept for special occasions only, no more casual use until they come out with a super moisturizing formula.

Any creamy eye balm + microfine exfoliator should work.  If you have a special lip exfoliator, all the better.

BTW, I used some samples I had lying around-- if you want to try out Dr. Brandt's, get a sample from Sephora. The face peel review is coming soon.

Soft (again) kisses!


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