Rouge D'Armani Pink 520


While G and I were shopping at Neiman Marcus in SF, she disappeared while I contemplated which gold hoops I should buy (it was a post-Christmas sale).

She returned, as I rightly suspected, having just made a sneaky and quick little makeup purchase. She was sporting a rich and creamy pout and she dragged me to the Giorgio Armani counter so I could get a well-needed lip color perk. Better than gold hoops, I gravitated towards and ended up buying Rouge d'Armani in Pink 520, $30.

Well, 3 months later, I still think it was one of the best lipsticks I have ever purchased. It instantly brightens up my face with it's super moisturizing hot pink zing, and wears off evenly throughout the day (all lipsticks wear off, but this one fades ever-so-gradually).

It's not too wet or glossy, just a perfectly comfortable amount of moisture.

When I'm tired, it's the only thing that will make me look all spritely and fun, even in New Delhi (where I currently live).

Hot Pink is not just for hot nights.

This cool lipstick even looks totally acceptable and good during the day (even in Delhi, where I currently live. I emphasize this point, because you don't want to look overdone at the office).

The 'tube' is really a nice weighted metal, which closes magnetically. No need to worry that the top will accidentally fall off in the bag in which you carry your world (if you're anything like me).

At the place where we pick up our daily cappuccino, there is this cool little chick who works there, and she's deaf-- but a totally gutsy fashion critic. She usually gives me and my carpoolers a thumbs -up (or thumbs-down) on our daily outfits. (To her credit, I usually agree with her daily deductions on our get-ups. I am always crossing my fingers that she'll like my occasionally bold choices).

I got a double thumbs-up when I walked in with my Rouge d'Armani on.

Not bad for a spur of the moment purchase.

Hot, hot, hot pink kisses.


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