Mac Powder Blush in Style. Teaching Peach.

Every March, it seems, I become obsessed with being a 'peaches & cream' beauty.

And every year, I go into a full blown search for the right rich peach tones.

This year, I am totally digging the soft and bright papaya/peach of MAC's Powder Blush in Style, about $19.

A light sweep, and a I feel brightened up, no matter how badly I slept.

This color is for almost everyone hoping to find the peach tone which suits them. Pale, pinky girls like myself look fresh and healthy. Tanned girls look awake and bright-eyed. Dusky beauties look sophisticated and very 'now' with this color-- it's the go-to for the entire sub-continental spectrum. It's got a touch of gold.

In fact, my inspiration for this color came from another S (a v. glam one), whose sunny peach cheeks made me crave a peach tone of my own. Her tan is super gorgeous because she's an Island girl to the core-- and she simply radiated pretty in this color!


2012's Perfect Peach Blush.

Coral Kisses!


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