Henri Bendel's White Pepper and Tuberose Eau de Parfum

Hi, My Name is S and I am an addict.

It's been 3 years since I last bought a Jo Malone perfume.

Seriously, I used to get paid, deposit my check at the bank, walk over to Barney's and buy the latest fragrances. I had an entire altar in my restroom dedicated to all things Jo Malone, including the expensive candles.

I was recently at Henri Bendel's (with G in tow), and I found out a comparable line (let's not call it a knock-off), at about half the price.

It's Bendel's own line of eau de parfums which come in 50ML bottles, and run about $65.

Although a touch less elegant than Jo Malone's world, I was still immediately enamored with the scent White Pepper & Tuberose.

It's a light floral, which is pretty and crisp, with a top note of budding tuberose, green flowers and tang of white pepper.

The scent is neither sweet nor cloying, and has a youthful energy about it.

I look forward to finishing my shower, and I view spraying this on as the finishing touch, ready to face the day and accept all the compliments along the way :)

Here's my test for a good perfume: I always judge a perfume by my scarves. What does that even mean, S? It means, I don't always wash my scarves, I tend to wear them over a period of time before I send them for cleaning. Anyway, when I re-wear a scarf in between sworn washings, I love when I become intoxicated with the scent on them, even if it's only me. I tend to try and whiff up as much as possible.

This perfume definitely leaves me wanting more, in a good way.

When people inhale me and can't get enough, I feel all these years of privately fussing over perfumes has its payday. OK the fusser was a girl, sadly, but a stylish one to my credit.

So if you were ever or happen to be a Jo Malone Addict, but find your little luxury is causing a noticeable attrition of your bank balance, you should definitely find a Bendel's in your area and find your new favorite scent.

PS SKIP the awful body butter! They need to go back and re-vamp the formula. All the body creams smelled like freshly cut grass on me. eeeeyuck.


  1. This is a nice perfume like that. I can almost smell it. I just want to ask if there's a pocket size on this perfume. Thanks! :)



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