Kama Rosewater

On a trip to Marrakech, I went to a very luxurious (probably extremely inauthentic) hammam. We walked into a dark and balmy chamber underground, the path lit with candles. Everything was sultry, and carefully rustic-- from the warm water fountain where the woman bathed us with orange blossom water (heaven) to the slab of rock we had to lie on for the gommage treatment. My favorite part was being washed with rosewater during the facial portion of our treatment. Never have I felt more refreshed after a spa treatment than I did on that day. Memories.
I bought the gommage and the rosewater. I treasured that bottle, and it sat in my fridge for 3 years because I would save the precious liquid as an at-home treat when I was feeling especially wretched. Then one day it was gone. I still don't know who the responsible party is for throwing away my precious blue bottle from Morocco, but they're finally off the hook. I found something even better: Kama Ayurvedic Rosewater from their Les Jardins d'Inde.
Here's where advertising is key: I was reading a magazine on a plane ride between Delhi and Bombay, and I saw this really nice photo of a brown bottle, and it said "Exclusive, not available anywhere except...". Um hello, had to have it! Darnit they knew their audience. Luckily I didn't have to go too far because it's available at the hair salon in The Oberoi Hotel here in Delhi (also it's available in the States, just check out their website).
Bought it and couldn't wait to use it. Packaging is excellent considering this is a product made here in India. And inside, with the first spritz I was already in love with the smell! It's just the right kind of rose, a steady, fresh floral, with a very translucent fragrance. And best part? Ingredient: 100% pure rosewater.
It's not a perfume, it's a toner for your face because rosewater naturally balances the pH levels of your skin. I am not 100% sold on all-natural things, but this one works. I've had the worst skin since moving to Delhi- chapped cheeks and nose, acne- I look positively ruddy and old (I've had no time, and I am NOT a natural beauty). In one week, my skin is just softer! Yay.
I was going to surprise G with bottles of this stuff because she's sold on the indulgent romance of rosewater too, but I think customs is going to stop me when they see all the stuff I've been collecting for her and R...
Packaging: A, for Amazing. Performance: A for Awesome. Price:A for Are you kidding me, this miracle fluid made of pure roses is only about $15? (Sorry might be more in the States!)
Hope Everything Is Coming Up Roses Kisses!


  1. Can't wait for you to get back -- my skin is completely revolting because it isn't used to winter on the east coast!! xoxo R

  2. I am using the same product. Bought the rose water spritzer while in Delhi during the Easter break. I am loving it and I quite stressed that I am going to run out of the product. I need more. I am hoping to contact the supplier and that they would deliver those beautiful brown bottles to Mozambique.


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