Tarte Natural Lip Stain with Lipsurgence Technology

So misleading a name for a really nice product. 

First of all, this is not a LIP STAIN, as much as it's a lip gloss/chapstick.

 The product claims that Tarte Natural Lip Stain with Lipsurgence Technology will increase your lip moisture by 6000%. WHAT? A #1 How does one gauge a 6000% increase in lip moisture and B #2 I would imagine if my lips were 6000% more moisturized they would look weirdly full or ultra wet and drippy. It's such a cartoonish claim, since I don't feel 6000% more moisturized... 

Criticisms aside, I really like this product, because I use it as a chapstick and lip gloss. When I went to Sephora, they only had 1 color in stock, Enchanted (the 2nd one from the right in the photo above), which is a light pastel pink. Since I have pink undertones and medium toasty Indian skin, this color could have been a major Crayola Carnation-level disaster. Luckily the color on me works-- it really is a Spring Pink. When my SuperBFF R tried it on, it looked absolutely neutral on her (she of the more toasted Indian skin tone). Assess your own lip color before you make a color choice. My lips are naturally pink, so this makes them look REALLY pink-- but the color is so sheer that I think it will only tint your natural lip color. R and I agreed that we liked the feeling of this product, but we applied twice during a 4 hour cocktail hour because it really comes off rather fast. I wear it for comfort over color-- meaning I like the moisturized feeling over the way I 'look.'

The tube itself comes in a thick twist- up stick (yay! sharpeners NOT required), which is completely pretty and charming. In case you're looking for it in the store,  the box is so counterintuitive to the product inside. It's a total packaging misstep. The box is the Tarte signature platinum purple, but I guess they were trying to play up how 'natural' this product is and went with really bizarre drugstore level design on the box (think little icons of oranges and leaves...?) which prominently states that this increases lip moisture by 6K%. 

This stick mainly consists of natural oils and smells like a lovely natural peppermint (which is totally tolerable when applied under the nose). It comes RIGHT off if you sip on a glass, and don't apply this right before your sommelier brings over that lovely Bordeaux you've been wanting to try-- because you will announce that the wine has overtones of peppermint and everyone will think you're an idiot. 

Anyway-- for $24, I'm not crying over this purchase. I really like it, but it is NOT a lip stain. Think tinted chapstick. SOOOOO Much better than Fresh's Sugar line. 

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars (which is good!). It's also a safe natural bet for a gift-- Enchanted is for your friends who like pink!!

6000% wetter kisses!


  1. Did it increase your lip moisture? do you think this would work for someone who has dry lips?


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