Nail Lacquer Resource: Polish Addict!

Aside from makeup that is colorful, I love perfume and NAIL POLISH. Weirdly, I have been attracted to really outrageous colors and styles. Think polka dots and 3D bow-covered nails. Sounds tacky but there's something kind of cool and kawai about it all. Anyway --- here's one of my favorite polish-hunting sites-- complete with a (competent) writer and well-taken photos of different nail lacquers on the nails themselves, cool brands. Stephanie categorizes by color and brand-- a total go-to site for when you're seeking out something totally outrageous!

PS: I am currently wearing a matte version of Bermuda Shorts by Essie with a shiny topcoat on my toes and it looks spectacular. I would best describe it as the shade of purple magenta you would only find in Bali or the early 1990s. Like Kool Aid purple drank. Or frangipanis. 


  1. Love it! I like Essie's Perky Purple shade from their Neon Collection (also a matte!) paired with a shiny top coat. Looks pretty similar!



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