Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One

I have been a fan of Cargo products for many years. I love the no nonsense, functional silver packaging. Perfect for tossing into a handbag. The sturdy packaging design protects your bags from messy makeup disasters. I hate it when I find smooshed lip colors, smashed blushes and shadows all over the bottom of my bag!

A couple of years ago I was wandering the aisles of Sephora on 5th and 19th. This is when I was staffed on a nightmare account and was working till 4AM, around four nights a week! I honestly looked like hell. Lack of sleep literally changes my face. I look like a totally different person! We're talking puffed fallen face, under eye circles and a greyish skin tone. I normally don't wear a lot makeup, but for nightmarish b-school and consulting projects, I need makeup that does magic! I walked in Sephora during one of my very rare breaks, and told the makeup artist that I needed a concealer/foundation that would work wonders on my skin! I wanted something that would make me look more awake, alert, and most importantly... make me glow!!! We tested out many different concealers which were either too light, too dark, too heavy, too yellow, too muddy! Finally we found one that was juuuust riiiiight. The Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One is fabulous! It is a light weight concealer that provides fabulous coverage. The wand makes it really easy to apply. You can use the concealer anywhere on your face! I only use it under my eyes, but if you've got some annoying blemishes or dark spots this provides great coverage.

Ok... so just to let you know, I complain a lot about my dark cirles, but i've been told that they are not that bad. While this concealer is highly pigmented, it may not provide those with mega dark circles with the right amount of coverage. For those of you with less serious dark circles, this magical color blend will really do wonders for your under eye circles. It gives my eyes a healthy bright look. It also contains good for you ingredients like chamomile, avocado extracts and Vitamin E. I feel good knowing that I am using a product that will help keep the sensitive skin under my eyes hydrated and young looking. Perfect for sensitive skin!

The Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One retails for around $27. You can order it for 20% off from the Friends and Family Sale at! There is a significant amount or product in the tube, so it will last you quite a while. In terms of staying power, you may need to reapply later on in the day. If you apply around 8AM, you will need to layer on a little more around 4PM, which in my opinion is not all that bad.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:

The Good: Excellent light weight highly pigmented concealer that covers up under eye circles, annoying dark spots and gives you a fabulous glow. Also contains good for you ingredients that keep your sensitive skin hydrated and young looking.

The Bad: May not provide the right amount of coverage for those of you with serious dark circles

The Ugly:
Nothing ugly to report!

Enjoy fresh bright eyes!


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