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As you know, S and I test a lot of products. Shampoos, Body Creams, Face Creams, Foundations, Concealers, Eyes Shadows, Blushes, Glosses, Liners... the list goes on and on! We recently received warnings from our mummy's that all this testing may not be so good for us. Read the following in an Indian Accent (this really could be either of our mothers):

"Please be vise! Don't test soooo many of these creams beems and makeups! This is all nonsense you know! You'll soon end up looking like Aunty Gulabi! Do you vant that! She tries all these samples bimples she gets from Nordstrom's, and now you know what!?! Her lips are as black as night!"

So, although we laugh when get advice like this, we do take some of it to heart. I mean, they do have a point. Testing out so many products can have some negatives effects! I do have an occasional freak out now and then. I even have weird dreams about my skin! A few weeks ago I had this dream that I applied a mud mask and that all these worms started to crawl out of it. Ahhhhhh! Ughhhhh! Ewwwww! I feel like vomiting every time I think about it. Apparently S had a similar dream when she was younger. What does it mean!?! Probably means I should be more cautious about what I put on my skin. Who wants to look like Aunty Gulabi? Not me!

Lately, I've been on the lookout for natural beauty products. You see them everywhere these days. They are sold in most drugstores and grocery stores at very reasonable prices! A beauty line that I have had my eye on for last few weeks is the Yes To Carrots beauty line! What's great about the Yes to Carrots line is that all the products are paraben free! Various products within the line contain ingredients such as Dead Sea mud and minerals, along with organic fruits and veggies, jam packed with Beta-Carotene, a natural form of Vitamin A.

I recently tried out the C Me Smile Lip Butter. Yes, you heard it... Butta!!! If you know me you know I love Butta, and any beauty products with the name butter in it, I have to try! He he! The fabulous lip balms bear the USDA Organic seal (from the US Department of Agriculture). Yeaaah! It contains all these fabulous good for you ingredients too!
  • Organic Carrot, Orange, Pumpkin, and Melon Extracts - Provides superior antioxidant protection. How delicious!
  • Coconut Oil - We Indians have been using Coconut oil on our skin and hair for ages! The coconut oil in the balm helps the formula penetrate deep into your lips.
  • Olive Fruit Oil - Moisturizer for your lips!
  • Jojoba Seed and Sunflower Oils - To nourish, condition, and protect!
  • Vitamin E - Antioxidant protection against environmental exposure!
  • Shea Butter - Soothes and hydrates dry, cracked lips. Mmmm butta.
I've been using the lip butters for about a week and a half and can't get enough of them! They really sooth my dry lips. The texture of the balm is very smooth and it glides right on! It comes in flavors like Berry, Carrot, Citrus, Melon and Mint! So far, I have tried the Berry and Mint. The smell is light and not overpowering. I do wish they tasted like their smell, but they don't. : (

The best part about this gloss is the price. You can get the C Me Smile Lip Butters for $3.69 and Walgreen's! Amazing! Get one for your bag, one for your bathroom, one for your night stand, one for your car, one for your dog (ha ha! JK).

I say give your lips a little break every now and then. A healthy nourishing break. This balm is free of parabens, petroleum and phthalates. Mamma would approve! Yeaaah!

Soft healthy lips coming your way!


  1. I think "Yes to Carrots" is such a funny name, but it's nice to know the product works. I can't wait to try it!
    By the way, speaking of Indian accents, my dad congratulated us on the success of our "BLOB". He then wanted me to show him how to sign up for "PictureBook" (aka facebook). Love my Dad! Endless amusement fodder.

  2. Glad you're a fan of our Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip "Butta!"

    Great comments!

    Would love to send you some free samples as a thank you.

    Here's the form

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    And thanks again!


    PS. If you are interested, Yes to Carrots is also on Facebook-

    and Twitter (


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