Oribe Hair Care Part Deux: The Luxurious Shampoo

Very scientifically speaking (because you know like how totally awesome and way rad science is and how much I cite it)-- your hair can affect how your day goes. A Yale University study that came out in January of 2000 backed up this claim, saying both men and women suffered -- feeling less smart, less capable, more embarrassed and less sociable on bad hair days. So it wasn't just a feeling. Marianne LaFrance at Yale University has confirmed my suspicions.

Personally, for me, a person with very dried out and damaged hair thanks to years of dyes and bleaches, COLD days are usually bad hair days. I have a natural wave, but on cold days (such as the lovely 8-14 inches we are currently experiencing here in lovely New York City) -- cold days are bone dry and make my hair go static and straight if I happen to blow dry. About a month ago, I was out with my friends P. & Co. in from out of town-- and my hair in the front was sticking up like Einstein. It would escape from the bobby pin and all night, I posed for photos with these antennae. They have their own album on facebook.

Dear Mr. Oribe,

Thank you so much for developing your line of shampoos and conditioners, because I feel they were made specifically for me. No longer can my Mom tsk tsk me for my dry and damaged hair due to not taking her advice and continuing to go blonder and blonder. I will visit her more often now, so she can shift the criticism to my choice in careers and my inability to find a man with whom I can have a lasting relationship.

No longer will I bemoan the shininess of all those ladies in the streets who look like they stole a weave from a Pantene commercial, whose cascading tresses have caused the bile of envy to rise up in me. I am now in the League of Good Hair, and will knock on wood every time someone compliments my soft, shiny locks-- and share my secret (even though you are priced prohibitively for me at $44 for the shampoo and $47 for my apres-shampoo aka conditioner. )

Thank you for making a product that makes me feel like every day is a good hair day. For all the functional days you have put back in my calendar, I would like to blow you a kiss. so Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss (you get the point. Add about 45 more).

Your fan for life,
Bottom line is that I have been using the Oribe shampoos AND conditioners from the Brilliance and Shine series, and they have done wonders for my hair. I just can't get over it. It's the first time I have used a shampoo and can specifically attribute it as being the sole savior of my hair. I normally wouldn't doubly laud a product unless I was madly in love with it-- so you can imagine how strongly I feel about this shampoo. The two drawbacks for me are the price and how little I get for the dollar. But can you really put a price on good hair? (um yeah you can and IN THIS ECONOMY, you know, the one I hate so much, I feel very very bad waxing poetic over my love for this shampoo. I can't help it! I love it!)

It's the little miracles in life that make me happy. Having softer hair is definitely one of them. Now can I just say how bummed out I get when there's 8-14 inches of snow and no one is around to appreciate my good hair day! They should do a study on that. I wish someone would come on over to see it...

Oh well.

Happy, healthy, Rapunzel-ite Kisses!


  1. I just bought the magnificent volume shampoo and conditioner in the Oribe line. I'm feeling bad already for spending so much money! I haven't tried them yet... I really hope they do wonders... !!!!


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