Chanel Glossimer Glosses

I love the Chanel Glossimer glosses! They come in a lovely selection of colors and apply beautifully. I feel so chic when I take one of the lovely glosses out of my purse and apply it. The packaging is so simple and elegant. My favorite colors are:
  • Summer Plum – My first ever purchase from the Channel beauty counter! A gorgeous sugar plum color that is so chic! Looks great on its own
  • Sunset Gold – A gorgeous peachy gold. Your lips will look lusciously glossy with a hint of glittery gold shimmer. My lips are pretty much the same color as my skin, so the sunset gold on its own kind blends into my skin. I like to wear the sunset gold over a peachy, pink lip color.
  • Unity – A gorgeous bronzy, frosty gloss that always looks classy. The color looks great on its own!
  • Spark – A gorgeous raspberry color that I absolutely love. It is the perfect color to wear out at night. A show stopper! I have lost the gloss about three times!!! Traveling with a little bag is always asking for trouble. That is why I carry tank bags R!!!!
The glosses retail for around $29. Worth the price in my opinion... it is Chanel. ; ) The gloss stays on your lips without feeling too sticky. I always receive compliments when wearing these glosses.
You deserve a treat, and this is a great one.



  1. I too love their glosses but I always get that gross white film on my mouth. Any suggestions on how to avoid?

  2. Gently exfoliate your lips-- the white is often the over-moisturization of the skin by the emollients in the gloss. I still prefer T Le Clerc. Exfoliating may not rid you of he problem, but may ameliorate it to a certain degree.


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