Merci, Ms. Mercier

Everyone I have asked for suggestions as to products to try (from the salon assistant to R, my Super BFF) tells me that their favorite, must-have product is Laura Mercier's oil-free SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer. It comes in seven shades and is $42.

So many people, so many rave reviews--- well add me to the list.

This sunscreen/moisturizer also has great coverage. I wear it alone when my skin is clear, and under my i.d. Bare Escentuals when I need a little extra hiding-of-the-spots. Although the formula feels a little thick and tacky when applied initially, it soaks right into your skin and becomes the perfect base for a dusting of powder on top, if you so wish. Of all the tinted moisturizers I have used (Bobbi Brown, Clinique)-- this one provides the best coverage and I really like the oil-free formulation.

I have been using it in this lovely humidity (which everyone seems to curse, but I love it it feels like the tropics in Manhattan)-- to good results.

So merci, Ms. Mercier! Thank you for making so many people happy (and consequently more efficient for having coverage and moisturizer and sunscreen in 1!).




  1. I love this product too! Exactly what you said, works great when layered on top with a finishing powder.

    What are your recommendations for good finishing powders? I find that Bare's sucks and makes my face look very white. Can you please post a blog on what you've tried, both loose and pressed!


  2. Hate to add this, but I feel I must - now that it is October (and I purchased my tube in June), I have to say that the product is smelling like it is a bit off. 5 months, and already going bad? The bottle says it is good for 18 months once opened, so I'm going out on a limb and saying that it was because of the horrific 90+ weather. I'm going to take it back to the store and give it another chance...

  3. Hi guys.

    RE: a Good finishing powder for touching up on the Laura Mercier sunscreen-- I am still searching for one! I like the fresh and dewy look-- so when I have clear skin and wear the sunscreen alone, I don't mind the sheen left behind and going without a powder. I'll research and let you know.

    You are right, sometimes Bare piled on with the tinted moisturizer is too kabuki-esque. For the winter, try my old fave combo (this is assuming you have the right color Bare for your skin-- and I find Bare doesn't work on darker olive tones) Oil of Olay Definity Foaming moisturizer(review posted), Clarins E3P sunscreen (excellent matte finish and works really well with the Olay)-- 30 seconds to dry-- then Bare on top. I find that I have been looking all glow-y and not-so-white when I follow that regimen.

    But I will research powders for you, and I am so glad you like this product. Thanks for your comments, keep them coming.

    XO S

  4. RE: Smelling a little off...

    I bought mine in late June too, and I think mine is starting to smell a little chemical-y, but it's not quite 'off' yet. But yes, perhaps it was the heat.

    Another one to try which I find a little more moisturizing--- is the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer. I know they have a limited color range, but it could be good as the drier months approach, and you end up sitting in rooms with the heater turned way up, sucking the precious moisture out from the air. It's SPF 15-- so maybe you can wear it in combo with Oil of Olay SPF 30 Sensitive Skin Daily Moisturizer.


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