Sabon Body Scrub: My favorite body scrub

NYC weather can be brutal on your skin. Recently I found an at home solution to make your skin soft and smooth at an apothecary style shop called Sabon. The shop has a very rustic feel and smells so delicious. You can get candles, thick cakes of sweet smelling soap, lotions, oils, and scrubs. All products contain natural ingredients. The scrubs and salts are made from Dead Sea extracts, herbs and flowers from the Israeli countryside, and aromatherapy oils.

I am a huge fan of the Sabon body scrub in Coconut Vanilla. I find the other body scrubs have scents that are too strong, and you end up smelling like a strong bathroom spray. The Coconut Vanilla scent is just perfect with a light fresh smell that lingers all day.


The best way to apply it is to get into your shower (don’t turn on the water). I scrub in this order….start with my thighs, then back, and then arms. I scrub with both hands in a clockwise motion. I avoid my stomach, calves, chest, neck and face (don’t ever use this on your face!!!) These areas tend to be very sensitive. I use about 4 scoops (purchase the $1 wooden scoop). Turn on the shower and feel your new smoothness. It is amazing! When are done showering don’t dry yourself with too much rigor. Just pat your body dry. I like immediately apply a body oil (Bobby Brown Beach Oil or Vaseline body Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. Believe me lady….. you will have the softest skin of your life.

I do this treatment once a week. If you have normal to oily skin you can do the scrub treatment twice a week.

You skin will start looking younger and smoother. I am addicted!

Check it out!




  1. I love the Sabon body scrub too!!! I use it twice day. Finish up with the Sabon Body Lotion (Patchouli Lavender Vanilla or Lavender Rose or Carrot) will make your skin SUPER soft. Sometime I use Sabon Body Oil (Lavender) instead of the body lotion. It's the best product on earth.


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